Vehicle Location Tracking System

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Product Description
Car Anti-theft GPS Tracker using the GPS global satellite location positioning technology and GSM/GPRS wireless network technology, can real time tracking the vehicle's status such as location/speed/direction via SMS or internet, ACC/Door/Trunk/bonnet checking. It is mainly used for tracking vehicles/cars/taxi/buses etc. and compatible with the original car anti-theft system.

Base Function

    • ·Real-time Positioning & TrackingGPS Vehicle Tracking Unit
    • ·GPS Locate&Mobile Base-Station Locate
    • ·SOS Alarm  
    • ·Low-battery Alarm
    • ·Overspeed Alarm
    • ·Sendback locate by time/Distance
    • ·Geo-Fence
    • ·Remote Listen
    • ·Cut-off power/oil Remotely
    • ·Built-in bakcup battery
    • ·ACC/Door/Trunk/bonnet/shock Alert
    • ·Compatible with the Original Anti-theft Alarm

Parameter List

        • 1.GPS Model:SIRF3 Chip
        • 2.GSM Model
        • 3.Frequency:850/900/1800/1900Mhz
        • 4.GSM Chip:SIMCOM900D
        • 5.Work Voltage:DC 6.3V-40V
        • 6.Work Current:60mA-150mA
        • 7.Work Temperature:-40℃-85℃
        • 8.Work Humidity :10%-90%
        • 9.Vibration Sensor
        • 10.Backup Battery:400mA
        • 11.I/O Interface:10

Accessories with GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit

    • 1.GPS Device
    • 2.Connecting cables
    • 3.One Alarm Horn
    • 4.One SOS button
    • 5.One GPS antenna
    • 6.One GSM antenna
    • 7.One Relay
    • 8.One Microphone
    • 9.One Vibratiom Sensor


  • ·GPS Device Size:131*75*30mm
  • ·Package Size:31*21*11cm
  • ·Carton Size:50*43*31cm  10pcs/carton

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