Guide to track vehicles online

      1、 Log on to Website:



      2、 Enter User Name & Password:

        The platform can be supported by both Chinese and English, adopts Google Map which support multi-languages.The platform can shift automatically among these countries and the Red circle is language choice.



      3、 Vehicle Real-time Monitoring:

  It could open the real-time monitoring page when you log successfully.
  Choose vehicle in the vehicle list on the left. Then right-click, it will show a menu. Choose the menu Goto Vehicle Current Location. If there are location record of the choose vehicle, it could skip to the latest vehicle location. If the location is not in the scope of map, the system will set it in middle automatically and show the Remind message box.



      4、 Vehicle Tracking:

      Please enter Vehicle tracking page: 1.Choose vehicle → 2.Map mode → 3.Vehicle status. The vehicle real-time tracker sends one site every 30 seconds, including time, location, speed, orientation, engine on-off. There are three modes of Google Map: Map mode, Satellite mode and Mix mode. Please see as below:


 Map mode:



 Satellite mode:



 Hybrid mode:



      5、 Vehicle History Trace Playback:

       Click to Track Playback Page,1.choose vehicle → 2.start time → 3.Inquire →4. set playback speed → 5.Start.During the playback,you could review time, speed, orientation and total mileage. 。


      6、 Review Images:

        1. Choose the time which need to inquire. 2. Choose the vehicle. 3. Click the button .if there are pictures, it will show in the View Image List on the left bottom as the time sequence. 4.Click the time link,it will show corresponding image on the right. 5. Real-time image.


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