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GIS vehicle tracking platform is a web based vehicle tracking system mainly applied for logistics, vehicle rent, 4S store and company vehicle management, personal user and so on.

Main Functions of GIS Web Vehicle Tracking Platform

  • 1. Manage clients, add/delete/edit client account and information
  • 2. Real time monitor vehicles
  • 3. Check vehicle status: location, speed, direction, etc.
  • 4. History trace playback
  • 5. Set interval time, distance alarm (Geo-fence), over-speed alarm by GPRS.
  • 6. Remotely cut off oil supply & recover oil supply,
  • 7. Restart GPS units remotely
  • 8. Freely set area enter/leave alarm
  • 9. Mileage calculation
  • 10. Check Images uploaded by NR024 and NR028 with camera
  • 11. RFID record
  • 12. Check fuel consumption from Fuel Curve
  • 13. Movement Reports: Vehicle Stop/Start time report, Engine ON Idle time report, and so on
  • 14. Alarm Reports: ACC alarm/Over-speed alarm/Distance Alarm/Enter Alarm/Leave Alarm, and so on
  • 15. System management: Client management/Vehicle management/Authorization management

  • Service for Web Based Vehicle Tracking System

  • Free use Noran GIS Vehicle Tracking Platform
  • Free install GIS Vehicle Tracking Platform to customer’s server
  • Free integrate GPS Tracking Units to customer’s platform



     (1)Remote control and manage



    (2)History trace playback


    (3)Vehicle Tracking



        Fuel check(Fuel Curve)


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