Frequently Asked Questions

1. SIM card installation
1.1 Buy GSM SIM card:
The tracker only support GSM SIM card. The Tracker Can not support CDMA Card.
1.2 Open GPRS Function:
Confirm the SIM card open GPRS. Otherwise it cannot access to Internet. It means you couldn’t review in Internet. GPRS charges in flow. 30M per month is enough for use. If you don’t need remote-listening function, please don’t open Caller Display. One card cost 5 yuan a month.
1.3 Install SIM card:
1. Poke the yellow pinhole on the left of SIM by pen or pin. You can take out SIM card tray.

2. Put the SIM card into card tray, then insert back. Check the SIM card inserted well. If it's inserted well, it will buckle down. If it’s inserted badly, you could pull the card tray without poking the yellow pinhole.

3. Connect GPS Antenna and GSM Antenna to the equipment. Connect to the power and wait for about 30 seconds. If green light flashes one second or keeping on, it shows SIM card installation correctly. Otherwise it’s incorrectly. Try to use your phone to call the SIM card number. If the response is “the mobile phone you are dialing is power-off”, that means the SIM card is not inserted well.

2. GPRS Network Settings
2.1 APN Setting:
APN is short for GPRS access point name. The APN of China Mobile is CMNET, and for China Unicom is UNINET. Set message format: A000000, 012, APN. If using GSM card of China Mobile, the message setting is A000000,012, CMNET.
2.2 Server IP and port number setting:
It could send all data to the designated server via GPRS. The server of Internet is signed by IP and port number. Message format setting is : A000000, 010, IP, PORT. If connecting, the message format is:A000000, 010,,6900
2.3 Open GPRS:
After setting APN and IP/PORT, open GPRS function. Then you could communicate with server in Internet. Message format is: A000000,011,1

3. Offline check

3.1 Check GSM card:
1、If power-off, it shows SIM card is not inserted well. Please check and re-insert SIM card.
2、If couldn’t reach, it shows GSM antenna don’t put well. Mobile signal is poor.
3、 If out of service, it shows mobile card is overdue that SIM card is out of service.
3.2 Check GPRS setting:
1、 If the phone connects and SMS can reply, but it cannot connect to Internet, please send A000000, 004 to SIM card of the Tracker. Check the replied message. Message format is as below:

(1)Device ID (2)APN (3)Server IP (4)Server Port
(5)GPRS open status(0 OFF, 1 ON)
(6)GPRS connection status(0 disconnected, 1 connected ok)
(7)GSM signal values(1-31).If lower than 15, it shows the signal is poor which caused communication un-normally.
·If 5th is 0, it shows GPRS is closed. Please send A000000,011,1 to open.
·If 6th is 0, it shows GPRS doesn't connect to Internet. Maybe APN setting is wrong, or SIM card didn't open GPRS.
·If both 5th and 6th is 1, and couldn't connect to Internet, please check whether 7th is >15. If GSM signal values is lower than 15, it shows GSM signal is poor.
·If 5th, 6th and 7th are right, please consult Technical Support to check APN setting, Server IP and Server Port.

4.Can’t monitor remotely
·Check MIC is normal
·Check MIC connect is normal
· Check GSM card has opened called identification function, if not open, you can not monitor remotely
·check if you settle the monitoring numbers, if not, you can use SMS to setting A000000,003,X, monitoring telephone number, monitoring number at most add up to three numbersX=1~3

5.Can not run in IE9

Click the 1 position Icon, and the Icon color would be turn to blue. This mode is IE9's Compatibility mode. In IE9's Compatibility mode,the web gis would be OK.

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